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 The air ducts on your HVAC ventilation system are one of the most important, but often overlooked parts of the HVAC system. Because if the HVAC Ductwork installation is not properly done or is beginning to deteriorate it can cause major issues with the HVAC system.
Modern Air of Katy provides Professional HVAC Services for HVAC Ductwork repair. And our expert HVAC service technicians have extensive Knowledge and training on ductwork Repair and ductwork replacement.
Over time the ductwork will begin to deteriorate, leak and become overall inefficient. at this point it will be time to replace them. 
 With our Pro Performance Maintenance plan we will check the ductwork on every visit to keep you aware of any issues you may have. When we find leaks in the duct work system it can lead to other problems with efficiency and reliability.

Service Value

  • Free HVAC System Diagnostic
  • Fast Reliable 24/7 Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Priced Right Guarantee
  • Fixed Right Guarantee
  • 10 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
        Available on System Replacement
  • Service Maintenance Plans

What are Air Ducts?

If your AC unit is the heart of your HVAC system, the HVAC ductwork is the veins. Without working ductwork, the cool air from your AC unit doesn’t travel to the rest of your home, causing inadequate cooling and wasting your money. But what causes your ductwork to work inefficiently?
image of ductwork diagram

Supply Ducts

HVAC Ductwork supply ducts blow warm or cool air to an area inside a home. Supply vents often have dampers to control the flow, called registers. Supply registers will often be installed near windows or doors to better counteract the loss of heat or cold, and two supply registers may be installed in larger rooms to evenly distribute the air.
Image of supply duct, flex duct with insulation
A/C Ductwork inspection

Return Air Duct

The return air duct is where the unconditioned air is returned to the air conditioner to be heated or cooled , and re distributed through the supplty ducts. The return air duct is also where the filtration system is installed to remove dust and allergens from the air. it is important to replace the filters regularly to keep the ductwork clean.

Duct Seal

Air duct installation that is well-designed by Professional HVAC services and properly sealed can make your home more comfortable, energy efficient, and safer. Is it worth it to seal ductwork? Overall, air duct repair and sealing is good for your home financially, and for safety and energy reasons. But just as important is the overall comfort you should feel in your own home. Air duct sealing prevents the symptoms of poorly performing ducts: High utility bills, especially in summer and winter.
Ac duct installation tecchnician sealing the ductwork

HVAC Ductwork Installation

Ductwork Installation requires experiance and skill to be done correctly. Air flow is one of the most important factors in the efficiency and reliability of the HVAC System. Therefore if the ductwork is not properly installed it could cause some major issues with air balance and overall comfort. The ductwork installation team at Modern Air has extensive training and experiance designing and installing ductwork systems. 

Customer Service Reviews

madeleine york
madeleine york
Technician not only replaced the thermostat but first checked my unit to make sure everything was working properly. He then made sure the installed thermostat was working properly as well and showed me how to use it. Would recommend highly
BD Ford
BD Ford
Angelica Merchan
Angelica Merchan
Paul Miranda
Paul Miranda
layne sullivan
layne sullivan
Where do I begin. Finding a new AC or heater repair company is like finding a new hairdresser or a auto repair company. It's terrifying. Years ago, I took a wild chance on Modern Air. First of all because it was a family-owned business and there's something I liked about that. I remember the first time that Charles from Modern Air came to my home because I had an air conditioning issue with my unit outside. He came over to me showing me a little fuse and said " see this little piece right here? Many people that can service your AC will tell you that you need a new unit or something major but this little piece cost $10 to replace". I knew I found my company. I have to call Modern Air at least once a year whether it's my old heater unit or my AC unit. They are extremely honest and although I am told ( and know) that my unit is ancient, they managed to keep it ticking for a few more years. . I live in the Westbury area and they will come all the way over to service my home from Katy. They show up on weekends if it's an emergency. Honestly I've never had to wait for days unless it was the part that was needed that out of stock at the moment.The issue is usually is taken care of within 2 days. I will leave you with this last sentence: When you find somebody that you can trust, you stick with them. You can trust Modern Air. 😊
Brady McBride
Brady McBride
Evander Martin
Evander Martin
Michael McRill
Michael McRill
Rick Mounce
Rick Mounce
Outstanding company to do business with.
travis wylie
travis wylie
Mr Charles Guthrie was the only person that answered my late night emergency call and showed up bright and early in the morning. Ended up having to replace my outside unit same day for a very reasonable price. I will not be using anyone else for my hvac needs! You can’t go wrong with Modern Air of Katy.