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HVAC System Zoning & Air Balance

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 HVAC System Zoning is used to achieve an ideal air balance where every room receives an equal amount of heated or cooled air.
The goal is to eliminate hot or cold spots, enhance comfort, and improve energy efficiency. A dual zoned HVAC system divides a home or office into a 2 zone HVAC system with 2 areas or ‘zones’, each controlled independently based on specific heating or cooling needs.
With multi level homes being built at a rapid pace around the West Houston and Katy area, many of them use HVAC Zone control systems for Air Balance and HVAC system zoning to control the comfort level of each floor using one HVAC system to heat and cool the home.
Our expert service technicians have extensive knowledge and experience with electronic damper control systems. We can add multi zone controls to any existing HVAC system, and if your existing HVAC system zone control is not working properly we are experts at zone control diagnostic and repair. We can also add manual dampers to Balance the air on your existing HVAC system.
Modern Air of Katy offers Air Balance and zoning services including Installation, Replacement and repair of any HVAC zoning system.

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Zoning control board

A zoning control board is essentially the brain behind your HVAC system zoning capabilities. 
The primary function of a zoning control board is to open and close dampers located within your ductwork based on the specific heating or cooling needs of each zone. The board receives signals from thermostats placed in each zone. 
We can add up to 3 zones on 1 HVAC system
motorized damper control board with 24 volt transformer

Motorized Dampers for HVAC Zone Control

A motorized damper is a device installed in the ductwork of an HVAC Zoning system controled by the zoning control board. 
Motorized dampers come in various shapes and sizes, each designed for specific applications within different types of HVAC systems. 

They play a critical role in maintaining indoor air quality Air Balance and temperature control.
Electronic Zone Dampers can be installed on any size HVAC air duct system
Motorized dampers for zone control system

Bypass Damper

The primary purpose of a zoning bypass damper is to maintain balance within your HVAC system by redirecting excess air when it’s not needed in certain zones. When one zone calls for heating or cooling, the damper for that zone opens allowing conditioned air to flow into that area. If another zone doesn’t need conditioning at that time, its damper remains closed.
However, closing dampers can cause increased static pressure within the ductwork as the same amount of air continues to be produced by your HVAC system but has fewer places to go. To prevent this pressure build-up which could potentially damage your system or reduce its efficiency, the bypass damper opens creating an alternative route for the excess air. This redirected air is usually sent back to the return duct or the air handler.
Bypass damper for zoning control system

Zoning Control Thermostat

HVAC Zoning Systems can be contoled with any thermostat available. We can install any thermostat to control your HVAC zoning system, From baisic digital thermostats to WIFI enabled smart thermostats
Smat phone controlled thermostat for heating and cooling system

Zoning System Installation

Zoning systems can be added to any HVAC system. If you have a multi level home with only one HVAC system we can add a zoning system to control the temperature in each level of your home. or if you would like to control the temperature in a certain room, we can do that too. In addition our service technicians have extensive training and experiance in air balance and zoning control, So if you are having trouble with your current zoning system give us a call and we will let you know what the issue is and present an estimate for repair. When you schedule a free estimate, we will come to your home and inspect your curent system and present you with the best options and a competitive quote. 

Customer Service Reviews

madeleine york
madeleine york
Technician not only replaced the thermostat but first checked my unit to make sure everything was working properly. He then made sure the installed thermostat was working properly as well and showed me how to use it. Would recommend highly
BD Ford
BD Ford
Angelica Merchan
Angelica Merchan
Paul Miranda
Paul Miranda
layne sullivan
layne sullivan
Where do I begin. Finding a new AC or heater repair company is like finding a new hairdresser or a auto repair company. It's terrifying. Years ago, I took a wild chance on Modern Air. First of all because it was a family-owned business and there's something I liked about that. I remember the first time that Charles from Modern Air came to my home because I had an air conditioning issue with my unit outside. He came over to me showing me a little fuse and said " see this little piece right here? Many people that can service your AC will tell you that you need a new unit or something major but this little piece cost $10 to replace". I knew I found my company. I have to call Modern Air at least once a year whether it's my old heater unit or my AC unit. They are extremely honest and although I am told ( and know) that my unit is ancient, they managed to keep it ticking for a few more years. . I live in the Westbury area and they will come all the way over to service my home from Katy. They show up on weekends if it's an emergency. Honestly I've never had to wait for days unless it was the part that was needed that out of stock at the moment.The issue is usually is taken care of within 2 days. I will leave you with this last sentence: When you find somebody that you can trust, you stick with them. You can trust Modern Air. 😊
Brady McBride
Brady McBride
Evander Martin
Evander Martin
Michael McRill
Michael McRill
Rick Mounce
Rick Mounce
Outstanding company to do business with.
travis wylie
travis wylie
Mr Charles Guthrie was the only person that answered my late night emergency call and showed up bright and early in the morning. Ended up having to replace my outside unit same day for a very reasonable price. I will not be using anyone else for my hvac needs! You can’t go wrong with Modern Air of Katy.